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Woodpecker Systems has been nominated for the 2023 Go Global Awards

Case Study

Our software runs and connects timber produceres, traders and customers all around the world. Discover the case study below, showcasing a substantial decrease in communication time. Some names* were changed for reasons of confidentiality.


Myllylä* Oy Ltd



Oja Puit OÜ


Agent (Trader)

Nason Davis Ltd

Great Britain


Kytao* Construction


Information flow cut-down

1 Month > 1 Minute

from production to customer

What Customers say

My life is so much better now!

(In comparison to the old information system)

Ines Leppik, Oja Puit OÜ

Ines Leppik, Oja Puit OÜ

We are delighted with Woodpecker software!

It now integrates control of our materials from purchase contract through to the sales invoice generation, allowing us reporting at every stage of the process.

David Balch, Nason Davis Ltd

David Balch, Nason Davis Ltd

What we do

In short: Serving the timber industry since 2004.

All key members in the team have been engaged for years. We have ready-made technological solutions and a deep industry knowledge for consultancy.

Get in touch and learn more about our end-to-end enterprise software.

We are happy to help with any questions and inquiries about "timber" and/or "software".


Streamline Operations with Good Dedicated Software

Discover the efficiency of our software that automates your contracts, orders, production, supplies, stock (yes, packs), invoicing, marginals and even things you didn't think about.

Our solutions cater to sawmills, traders, agents, treatment providers, laminated wood production and a bit more.

The Timber ERP software provides quite a range of features, including but not limited to:

  • Comprehensive Customer Data and History Management
  • Efficient Sales and Purchase Contract Tracking, Including Fulfillment Status and Provisioning
  • Seamless Stocks and Waybills Monitoring, Specialized handling of Timber Packs & Roundwood Logs
  • Hassle-free Invoicing and Payments with Credit Limit Tracking
  • Streamlined Processing and Treatment Management (MES)
  • Facilitated Certification with FSC and PEFC Reports
  • Simplified Shipments and Schedules Organization
  • Quick Access to Historical Queries
  • Robust and User-Friendly Reporting, Including OLAP and BI Capabilities
  • Easy connections (API, EDI) to other software e.g. Time Tracking and OEE; External Systems (e.g. Customers, Suppliers)


Woodpecker Systems Office

Join Us

Full-Stack .NET Developer (Junior/Senior)

  • Expected Will to Commit, Ability to analyze business needs
  • Technology C# - ASP.NET Core and Blazor, MS SQL
  • Business Timber (Estonian Gold) Industry, Worldwide Customers
  • System Vertical: Trade and Production
  • Where Modern office, Tallinn; Remote work OK
  • Team Global, size 10; Tech and business knowhow in; Your Ideas Matter!
  • Compensation Good salary and equity (shares) if you deliver